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May 30 – June 1, 2018

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About The Ultrapure Micro Conference

The Ultrapure Micro conference explores the latest trends in microelectronics industry water and chemicals management.

The technical program has multiple, topically oriented tracks, roundtable sessions and hands-on, in-depth training sessions in advance of the conference to serve as a primer or refresher. No other industry event covers the breadth or depth of water and chemical issues for semiconductors.

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UPMicro 2018 Received Abstracts

50+ abstracts under review. See the full list here. 

3M: A New Approach for Metal Ion Purification to Meet the Needs of Trace Metal Reduction for 10nm Node and Beyond

3M: Method for preparing ultra-low PPT level DO in UPW using membrane degassifiers to enable superior wafer surface preparation

Agilent Technologies: The Analysis and Stability of High Purity TetraMethylAmmonium Hyrdoxide (TMAH) with the Agilent 8900 QQQ-ICPMS

Air Liquide – Balzas NanoAnalysis: A Non-traditional ICP-MS Analysis for Nanoparticles Characterization of Ultra-Pure Water (UPW)

CT Associates, Enviro Energy Solutions, Air Liquide – Balazs NonoAnalysis, and FTD Solutions: Use of Extraction Modeling to Predict Contamination Levels in Ultrapure Water Systems


H2Morgan: Creating a Roadmap to Improved System Operation, Capital equipment utilization, and Increased Resource Optimization though developing a dynamic water balance model.

HORIBA and MIE University: Development of Self-Cleaning pH Electrode Coated with Titanium Oxide (TiO2) and Its Photocatalytic Activity


Intel & Design Group – Facilities Solutions: Retrofitting a traditional UPW Make Up system to Accomplish Recovery Rates of >95% utilizing HERO and the Challenges it Presents

Intel: A Day in the Life of an Analytical Engineer

Intel: Operational Challenges in Backend UPW Systems


Organo: Purification method for high purity PGMEA using ion exchange resins and analysis of high sensitive trace metals by ICP-MS

Organo: Purification of Chemicals for Semiconductor Use by Ultra-clean Ion Exchange Resins

Ovivo & Applied University Furtwangen: UPUR – A Metal-free Combination of Several UPW Polishing Steps in a multifunctional reactor for the Removal of TOC and H2O2 Traces.

Ovivo & Micron Technology: Nanoparticle profiling in a UPW polishing section by different monitoring systems: advanced understanding of sources and sinks

Pall and RBFM Consulting: Filter media removal characteristics in the low nm range


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